Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

When you hear the word Testosterone Hormone suddenly you will say its male reproductive Hormone. If we say whats role of Te in women many of us become confused. Because many peoples don’t know about the role of Testosterone in women. Testosterone hormone in women plays same role as in man and Low Testosterone in Women extremely affects women’s sexual health as man suffers.

In women Testosterone released from adrenal gland and ovaries. The Testosterone Hormone level increasing during puberty and pregnancy and become lower with age. Women required small amount of Testosterone responsible for sexual desire. Sudden decrease of Testosterone in women will directly affects sexual desire, mood, energy level. The question is how to diagnose the symptoms of Low T Hormone. Here we share top 7 symptoms which definitely clear the vision of decreased Testosterone in women.

Signs of Low Testosterone in Women

1. Fatigue and Exhaustion

Energy level drop is the first sign of reduced testosterone level followed by feeling constantly tired, at morning just after sleep unable to get out of the bed, feeling uncomfortable on bed at night, difficult or disturbed sleep, feeling exhausted and drained whole day. This will leads to lower your physical activities and may become the chances of fatigue. There are so many other factors involved in fatigue, but due to low Testosterone can be confirmed through other signs and medical tests.

2. Weight Gain

Weight gain commonly shows itself in women affected by low Testosterone. Along with that changes in muscle tone and bone density, unable to control body weight is the key signs of Low testosterone in women.

3. Decline Libido – Low Sexual Desire

These symptoms might be happen with some other health related issues. But in decline Testosterone directly affects Libido. Women who suffers reduced hormonal level experience no or low sex desire, feel dryness at vagina, feeling pain and irritation during intercourse. At older age these symptoms can be seen because of decline in adrenal hormone age wise.

Keep in mind that these symptoms can be noticed in other illness, so its better to visit your doctor prior to take any testosterone therapy.

4. Depression, Mood Swings

Hormone play vital role in Mood stabilization, when there is any imbalance mood swings the major sign. Women suffers low testosterone hormone feels depression. Most of the patients taking anti-depressant drugs to relieve depression, that’s not the proper treatment. Improper diagnosis can risk the health, better to match depression, mood swings sign with other symptoms for confirmation. Better to visit your doctor and tell the full history and signs.

5. Anxiety

Previous history of anxiety is very necessary in this case. In rare case low Testosterone in women causes anxiety. If any women faces anxiety but have no any previous history than it might be because of decline in Testosterone,

Low Testosterone Hormone complication should be carefully handled because these symptoms can be confuse with other health problems. Concerned to doctor is best solution.

6. Osteoporosis

Testosterone hormone is play significant role in bone production and maintenance. Women with lower Testosterone suffers Bone Deterioration. Diminishing level of Testosterone in women may causes Osteoporosis, followed by weak bone, fracture. This condition shocking in women aged over 50-55 years old. Testosterone therapy through doctors advice will support in this case.

7. Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is very critical condition than any other. Perfect hairs is the dream of every women. But in the case of Low testosterone it causes hair fall / hair loss either its hair of head for hairs of other body part. Balanced Testosterone in women will helps in strong and healthy hair production.

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If any women noticing all above symptoms or few of them at same time than it might be because of Low Testosterone. Should visit doctor to take proper diagnosis and testosterone therapy.