Causes of Low Testosterone in Women

Causes of Low Testosterone in Women

Can  a women Suffers from Low Testosterone Level? and How, what are the causes. Mostly people confuses with Testosterone hormone relation with female. Because they knows its a male hormone.

HORMONE: A hormone is a chemical substance and their role is as “chemical messengers” in the body. They are secreted from one tissue / gland and are traveled along with body fluids to affect another tissue in the living body. They effect growth and behavior and make changes in the body. Hormones play very vital role in man as well as women. The amount and levels of hormone changes on daily basis.


Ovaries produce both estrogen hormones and testosterone in women. Testosterone hormone belongs to a class of male hormones called androgens. But women also have testosterone.

Small amount of testosterone hormone is released by ovaries.
The normal range of testosterone hormone in women is 15 – 70 ng / dL (nanogram per Deciliter)

Major Causes of Low Testosterone In Women:

Progesterone – a female placental hormone is responsible for the production and balance to testosterone hormone in Women. Progesterone converts into androstenedione from which testosterone is produced. If there is low level of progesterone, the level of testosterone level will also be deceased form normal level. Most commonly it is seen in the women above 40 years old.

Oral contraceptive – suppress the normal production of women sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone & testosterone).

Age – age is major cause of low testosterone in women also. In older age due to Menopause about 50% of Testosterone level drops in women’s body because adrenal glands do not further produce hormones that convert to testosterone.

Failure of Ovaries, Failure of Pituitary Gland, adrenal insufficiency – (Hypogonadism):
These conditions are also responsible for reduction in testosterone production in women.

OOPHORECTOMY: Removal of Ovaries – Removal of ovaries is responsible to stop the Testosterone production in women.

Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy-
Hyperprolactiaemia – Over production of pituitary hormone – Prolactin.

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Testosterone deficiency in women may result from a variety of conditions, including adrenalectomy, adrenal disease, pituitary disease, HIV infection, premature ovarian failure, Turner’s syndrome, and the use of high-dose corticosteroids and some estrogen preparations.