Major Signs and Causes of Stomach Ulcer (Gastric Ulcer)

Major Signs and Causes of Stomach Ulcer (Gastric Ulcer)

Stomach Ulcer is most common problem nowadays due to change in routine lifestyle. Due to busy lifestyle most of people don’t focus properly on food & body requirement. Fast food, taking spicy food heavy smoking, usage of alcohols are more common nowadays and are the most commons causes of Ulcer.

What is Stomach Ulcer ?

Stomach Ulcer is a very irritable & painful condition develops either at Stomach lining (Peptic or Gastric Ulcer) or could happen at opening part of small intestine (duodenal Ulcer). If we go through its causes then there is huge list, but the cardinal cause is imbalance of secretion of gastric or bile juices which damages mucosal lining of Stomach.

Human stomach is well protected by thick mucosal membrane, where huge digestive process of heavy diet reduces its thickness may leads to irritation & alters membrane may lead to ulcer. Mostly gastric mucosal lining are damaged by various other reasons such as, usage of high amount of alcohol, smoking, stress, spicy food and so on. ‘

The prevention can be done easily but when it happens it take time to recover.

Causes of Stomach Ulcers:

– Prolong & continuous usage of Aspirin, Ibuprofen, pain killer (NSAIDs – Non Streoid Anti-inflammatory Drugs)
– Infection caused by Helicobater Pylori Bacteria
– Excessive secretion of Gastric / bile Juices
– Taking high amount of Acids in food
– Spicy food & continuous usage of fast food
– High amount of usage of Caffine , Nicotine – Smoking, Alcohol
– Family history of Ulcer may also leads to this condition
– Hypercalcemia (rise up of Body calcium level)

Signs Stomach Ulcer Patient Can Feel:

1. Abdominal Pain just after taking meal between lower belly and chest bone region
2. Loss of Appetite because of painful condition, acidic stomach feeling
3. Indigestion followed by burping or acid reflux.
4. Bloat condition after meal
5. Nausea and frequent vomiting just after meal
6. Burn feeling in chest region (Heartburn)
7. Weight Loss due to low food intake and indigestibility

If you feel any sign listed above and matched with causes then contact with your doctor to get early treatment as possible