What To Do for Perfect Night’s Sleep

What To Do for Perfect Night’s Sleep

Every one have wish to get a perfect Night’s Sleep every day. Often you spend a busiest day in office or at your work place and feel too much tired. You need to release the stress and longing to go to sleep, but you lying wide awake when time come. This is very common problem. If you are experiencing this, try out some ideas below that we are sharing on this page. These ideas are very helpful to get a perfect night sleep and when you will awake you will feel fresh and energetic in the morning.

7 Steps to Get Perfect Night’s Sleep

1. Food: Food like pumpkin seeds, spinach, Kidney Beans which are magnesium rich. Research suggests that magnesium is good for the perfect night’s sleep. Try to each food in dinner that contains magnesium.

2. Bedroom: Your bedroom is not your office or work place. Use your bedroom for relaxation and sleep. Your bedroom much be clean and cool. Remember your bedroom should not be too hot or too cold, around 16-18° C (60-65° F) is recommended.

3. Hot Shower: Take a hot shower this will keep your mind relaxes. The rise and fall of body temperature induce sleepiness.

4. Wake up time: Set a wake up time even on weekend. Irregular bedtime and wake-up hours can lead to poor sleep patterns.

5. Lifestyle: Now a days lifestyle is typically fast paced. From the moment we wake up, we’re continuously using smart phones, TV, radio and social media feeds. Switch off your tech couple of hour before your bedtime.

6. Dim the light: Reduce the intensity of an artificial light in the home. You can do this by using dimmer or low wattage bulbs.

7. Drink: A glass of warm comfort drink can make your eyelids bit heavier. (warm milk, hot chocolate, etc)