Whats is OME Fluid in Ear its Symptoms & Treatment

Whats is OME Fluid in Ear its Symptoms & Treatment

Accumulation sticky fluid in the middle ear portion behind eardrum is called Otitis media with effusion “OME” or fluid in ear. This fluid accumulation might be happen without any ear infection but may lead to ear infection.

Children are more sensitive to Otitis media with effusion (OME) is. normally Eustachian tube (Auditory Tube) drains fluid ears to back of throat region. When it clogs OME can occurs followed by symptoms of ear pain, hearing loss, dizziness, difficulty to speak and so on.

Auditory tube in children is at more horizontal angle than adults. when dysfunction of Auditory tube occurs OME develops and due to that children are more prone than adults.

Causes of Otitis Media with Effusion (OME)

Previously discussed that dysfunction of auditory tube lead to OME. causes of dysfunction occurs due to blockage by enlarged tissue (adenoids) in eustachian tube, nasal congestion causes by cold or allergies, sudden change in ambient air pressure, tumors. All these causes OME fluid in air.

Other causes includes, irritation by cigarette smoking, respiratory infecton, drinking water while lying on bed or in sleepy position, water enters in ear during shower etc.

Symptoms of Fluid in Ear (OME)

– Pain in Ear
– Loss of Hearing
– Dizziness
– Difficulty to speak
– muffled hearing or sense of fullness in ear

When any sign visible or your child repeatedly complaining any ear problem Better to visit family doctor specially ear specialist at early. Repeat checkup must be carried out if fluid in air (OME) diagnosed. At initial stage low dose of Antibiotics prevent further infection.

Focus on the causes leads to OME, better to avoid or take care from such causes like, don’t drink in sleepy position, avoid cigarette smoking, properly treatment of respiratory infection, cover your child properly in cold season, take allergy treatment. All these step will help to prevent from fluid in ear or other ear infection.